August YOURology Newsletter

Whew…the heat is on! But believe it or not, in many parts of the country, summer is just weeks away from being over. Hard to believe, isn’t it? But summer is officially still here, and we’re going to keep on grilling outdoors as long as we can, so we’re sharing a recipe for Grilled Beer-Brined Chicken. Did you know that brining chicken offers the ultimate in moistness and flavour?

August 28 marks the 51st anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech as part of the March on Washington. We’re sharing some facts about this monumental event that you might not know.

On the medical side, be sure to read our articles about over-active bladders and sex and the male senior citizen.

YOURology-newsletterInside our August issue you will find the following information:

  • OAB – When You Really Gotta Go!
  • Grilled Beer-Brined Chicken
  • Sex & the Senior Male Citizen
  • Help Your Child Prepare Back-to-School
  • Fascinating Facts about MLK’s  “I have a dream” Speech!

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We hope that you and your family are making the most of the dog days of summer for as long as you can!