Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

From Watchful Waiting to Prostatectomy

The treatment of prostate cancer can range from watchful waiting to removal of the prostate. Several factors influence the treatment option that is most appropriate for you. The appropriate treatment option is based on your age, your general health, PSA, grade of cancer (how aggressive the cancer cells are), stage of cancer (how far it has spread), number of positive biopsies, and percentage of each biopsy filled with cancer.

The treatment options include:

  • Watchful Waiting
  • Phytotherapy (Vitamins, Minerals, Diet)
  • Hormone Therapy (Chemical Castration)
  • HIFU (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) Therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Radiation Therapy
    • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (CT Guided, Cyber Knife)
    • Proton Therapy
    • Cryotherapy (Seeds- permanent and temporary)
  • Surgery
    • Robotic Prostatectomy (da Vinci)
    • Open Surgery (Old Fashioned)

All options besides surgery leaves the prostate cancer within the body and treats the cancer while the prostate stays in the body.

Selecting which option is right for you is a difficult task. Request a consultation with Dr. Gholami if you need help or further information to make this process easier.

If surgery is right for you, the robotic prostatectomy is right for you. Robotic surgery in the expert hands of Dr. Gholami will give you the best chances of resuming your normal life without cancer.


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