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Considering Prostate Surgery? Patient advises…

I have a family history of cancer, but was not even thinking of cancer when I was diagnosed at my age 50 physical. My father was diagnosed with PC at age 65.

Dr. Gholami was very patient with my occasional hand wringing and answered all my questions

Not worrying, taking one step at a time and trusting your Doctor is the advice I would give anyone diagnosed with any form of cancer or illness

Prostatectomy Recovery: My live is literally the same today as it was before the procedure

In the summer of 2009 I learned that I had moderately aggressive prostate cancer. At that point the only thing I was sure of was that I wanted the cancer OUT

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis, Da Vinci Surgery & Post Op Prostatectomy

Within a short period of time, fate steered me in the direction of Dr. Gholami. I was immediately impressed by the fact that he had more experience with the Da Vinci Robotic method than the Urologist who biopsied me, who also was an excellent physician. For me, surgery seemed to be the best way to go and I was convinced that Dr. Gholami was the best surgeon for the job. What also impressed me were his professionalism and his availability to address my numerous concerns and questions pre and post op.

Radical Prostatectomy With The DaVinci Robotic System, PSA & Recovery

After the biopsy showed cancer, you recommended that I undergo a radical prostectomy using the DeVinci Robotic System. … I spent one night in the hospital and was home 30 hours after the surgery.

Patient Gives Sincere Thanks After A Prostate Surgery

When I thanked you for my surgery and results you replied “that’s what I do”. In my opinion, based on my experience and research, you are probably the best in your field.

Life Post Prostatectomy

I was able to get erections and have orgasms starting about a week after the catheter was removed

Best In The World Receives ‘Thank You’ From Far Reaches

On behalf of my family and on my own indeed, may I take this opportunity to really thank you most for a job well done, as your gentleness, kind words of encouragement and personal attachment in relation to my welfare during and after the operation made me feel myself and hence responded positively to medical treatment.

Gleason Score 7 Prostate Cancer & Decision Process To Do Prostatectomy

I had been monitoring my PSA annually since 40 years old, and mainly because my father was diagnosed as having prostate cancer at the age of 66. I knew I was genetically at risk, but didn’t think to worry about it. So when my PSA shot up from normal levels to 5.4 …

Recovery Experience From DaVinci Prostatectomy

I have regained most of my erectile functions and would put my recovery at about 92% after a short ten weeks. I was up and feeling well just 60 hours after the operation.

Robotic Surgery As Treatment For Aggressive Gleason 9 Prostate Cancer

The most important aspect of all this was your guidance and willingness to answer all of our questions.

Laparoscopic Prostatectomy and Dr. Gholami’s Measured Approach

Dr. Gholami carefully explained to me my options and encouraged me to get a second opinion. I did. And I got a third opinion as well.

Da Vinci prostatectomy and why I chose Dr. Gholami

Receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer is not an enjoyable experience and has had a very strong impact upon my life; however working with a surgeon who is respectful, thoughtful and extremely competent has helped me to get through the process.

Radical Robotic Prostatectomy – The Best Way To Eliminate The Cancer?

I spent a lot of time investigating the myriad of possibilities for treating prostate cancer. The robotic laparoscopic procedure looked to offer not only the best possibility of eliminating the cancer, but also, given post operative pathological analysis and PSA tests, could offer more definitive evidence that the mission was accomplished.

Da Vinci Robotic Prostatectomy and Recovery Experience

Andrew’s surgery was at 7:30 a.m. on October 10. By 1 p.m. the next day, he was ready for discharge. “I didn’t even take Tylenol afterward.”


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